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AI for Law Firms

Kenya's First Lawyers' AI Assistant

AI Counsel

Introducing AI Counsel by WakiliAI: Your On-Demand Legal Genius. Imagine having a legal advisor available 24/7, one that sifts through case law, statutes, and legal precedents with unmatched speed and accuracy. AI Counsel is not just a feature; it's your firm's competitive edge. It crafts persuasive arguments, identifies legal strategies, and offers insights that align with the latest legal standards.

Parallel Search

Parallel Search isn't just a feature; it's your legal compass, guiding you through the vast case laws and precedents, judgments, and legal doctrines at lightning speed. Whether you're untangling complex legal issues or crafting winning strategies, Parallel Search illuminates the path with relevant case laws, ensuring you have the insights needed to prevail.

Draft Prayers

Say goodbye to the days of tedious drafting and welcome a new era of efficiency and accuracy. With WakiliAI's Drafting Orders and Prayers feature, creating meticulous, court-ready documents has never been easier. This tool is designed to transform your legal practice, allowing you to generate orders and prayers that resonate with judicial expectations, all while saving precious time.

Case prediction

This powerful tool doesn't just analyze; it forecasts, providing you with a data-driven glimpse into potential case outcomes, trend trajectories, and the effectiveness of legal arguments. Armed with this foresight, you can make informed decisions, tailor your strategies for maximum impact, and anticipate the needs and questions of your clients with unprecedented accuracy. WakiliAI's Predictive Analysis bridges the gap between present knowledge and future possibilities, ensuring you're always one step ahead in the legal game.

Case preparation

This is your transformative feature:it's your personalized legal advisor, offering bespoke recommendations for case strategy, document drafting, and research directions. Powered by deep learning algorithms, Suggestions understands the unique context of your legal challenges, providing tailored advice that aligns with your objectives and enhances your practice efficiency. With WakiliAI, every suggestion is a step towards achieving legal excellence, ensuring your strategy is not only informed but inspired

Document review and analysis

Need insights from your documents instantly? Let WakiliAI be your digital legal assistant. Simply ask a question, and WakiliAI will dive into your documents, emerging with precise answers and citations from your sources. From pinpointing crucial testimony in extensive transcripts to uncovering essential terms in complex contracts, WakiliAI streamlines your legal research effortlessly

What they say about us...

“As a magistrate, I’m tasked with making informed and fair decisions on a daily basis. Wakili Legal AI has been an invaluable resource in helping me navigate complex legal issues and uphold the principles of justice. Its AI-powered analytics provide valuable insights into case precedents and legal statutes, allowing me to make well-informed rulings quickly and efficiently. Wakili has truly elevated the quality of my decision-making process, and I would highly recommend it to any judicial officer seeking to enhance their capabilities.”

Jenniffer Ogeto


“As a prosecutor, time is of the essence in preparing cases and ensuring justice is served swiftly. Wakili Legal AI has become my go-to tool for conducting comprehensive legal research and building strong arguments. Its intuitive interface and robust search capabilities make it easy to find relevant case law and statutes, saving me valuable hours of work. With Wakili, I feel more confident stepping into the courtroom knowing I have the most up-to-date legal insights at my fingertips.”

Njoroge Nelson


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